Sixth day at uni now, feels really strange, I’m coping but I do really miss home…I’m happy here but I don’t know, I miss gossiping with my mum and being close to her and I miss my kisses and cuddles from my dog :( I facetimed my mum last night and spoke to my dog and that was really cute as my dog was looking at me on the iPod and sniffing me and she even tried to give me a kiss :(

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My degree starts today and I have NO MOTIVATION TO GET OUT OF BED

7:38 am  •  17 September 2014

Sooo important to always remember to put yourself first. Like when you’re in school you’re always taught to put others needs ahead of yours which yes, I do agree with, but it definitely does not apply to all situations. Schools do not teach children that if putting someone’s needs ahead of yours will hurt you, physically or mentally, then we as individuals do need to put ourselves first and ahead of others like since being at uni I haven’t remembered to do that and this is me reminding myself idk

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Suicide doesn’t happen when someone cuts their wrist, or put a rope around their neck and hangs themself. Suicide happens when you wake up every day with your heart empty.

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